On Sunday, the pope announced 19 new cardinals, many of them from the developing world, and concerned, like Francis, with poverty. Joining us now to discuss what many have termed the Francis Revolution is John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter.

By the mid 1870s, the Army had purchased a significant number of Smith and Wesson revolvers chambering a shorter.45 round. Logistical problems arose because the ammunition was not interchangeable. The Colt revolvers would accept the shorter round but not vice versa.

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So it was with concern that I received complaints that celebrated sports commentator Frank Deford had offended some African Americans in successive weekly Morning Edition commentaries. One denounced violent hazing within many of the legendary marching bands of historically black colleges and universities. The other criticized the antics by professional football players after a score or a sack; most of the players are black..

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But while browsing, I also stumbled onto an area most people have never heard of: the Metaphysical section. Tarot cards and Ouija boards cluttered most of it, and then the truly weird stuff was parked in a section marked “Psychic, Paranormal.” That’s where I saw my first set of “haunted” dolls.”Possessed doll calls out for ‘Mama’. Requires 2 AA batteries.”.

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