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Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples of all the nations. Every disciple, or follower of Jesus, should become a disciple-maker. At Authentic Life, we want to help every follower of Jesus become a disciple-maker!

Disciple-makers at ALC are our LG Leaders. LG Leaders lead their groups to engage in spiritual disciplines, serve the city in Jesus’ name,  raise up new leaders and start new groups.

The process to become a leader is to attend a group, become an apprentice of an existing leader, walk through our training materials, and then lead a group.

Take your “Next Step” towards being a disciple-maker by plugging into a group!

  • Basic Information

  • Life Group Involvement

  • Leadership Experience

  • Leadership Interests

  • Your Story

  • Life Groups At Authentic Life

  • Life groups are a huge part of what we do at ALC. They provide an optimal environment where group members can connect relationally with each other, take steps of growth toward God, and receive care…all in the company of friends! Our groups typically have 10-15 people that meet weekly (or in some cases, bi-weekly) to engage in a shared activity, engage in a book or DVD study, study the Bible, and discuss how to actually apply and live out God’s Word. New groups form each Fall, Spring, and Summer and run for ~12 weeks. Leaders are encouraged to commit to 2 consecutive semesters of leadership.
  • Life Group Leader Qualifications

  • Be a follower of Jesus
    Regularly attend Authentic Life
    Previously have attended a Life Group at Authentic Life (if not, let’s chat)
    Completed Starting Point
    Agree to the Life Group Leadership Covenant
  • Life Group Leader Commitment

  • I have met or am in the process of meeting the qualifications of an ALC Life Group Leader. I commit to the Life Group Leader Covenant and expectations and I understand that my conduct as a leader should reflect my commitment to Christ at all times. I am willing to be held accountable for my actions.
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