Start Giving

Start Giving

Giving begins with realizing that God has given us everything we have. Since it’s all God’s, we have to continually ask God how he wants us to spend the money he’s given to us. One of the things he’s told us to do is give some of the money away.

“…You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” (Acts 20:35)

Many people wonder who they should give to & how much. Throughout the Bible, God teaches His followers to start by giving 10% of their income to their church. This is a great place to begin. Like the other Next Steps, giving expresses our dependence on God and let’s us further experience the blessing of being a part of what He is doing. Click the link below to see the different ways that you can give to Authentic Life Church.

Partner With Us

We need your financial support. Authentic Life Church is good ground.  Our prayer is that God richly bless every sower that helps us build the Kingdom, authenticate believers and transform communities. Stand with us as we fulfill God’s purpose at Authentic Life Church.

You can tithe or give by sending a payment by credit card or through Paypal to Authentic Life Church.

Out of Town or on Vacation?

You can tithe or give by sending a check payable to Authentic Life Church:
P.O. Box 4063 | Philadelphia, PA 19118

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